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Celebrating Lunar New Year Year of the Monkey

Lunar New Year is a holiday celebration that is observed and celebrated by many countries in Asia. It's a culturally significant holiday where everyone participates in wishing everyone well for the upcoming year and to bring in good luck. Lunar New Year is also an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Celebrations are often centered on food, music and games. APCA Washington is proud to be able to host a Lunar New Year celebration luncheon event at AT&T this year on February 10th. It's an opportunity to take a break during lunch and connect with those around us and foster goodwill. It's a good cultural holiday that brings forth further understand and appreciation of other cultures. This year APCA introduced the BINGO Ice Breaker game - the more people you meet, the more names you can put down on the BINGO card for a chance to win AT&T branded prizes. Guests were also treated to a version of the Price is Right game to win fun prizes for guesses that come closest to retail value of the items being showcased. There were many lucky and fun winners this year in the ice breaker games. Besides the ice breaker games, APCA distributed lucky red envelopes with symbolic gold coins for good fortune. Lastly, guests at the luncheon were entered into the event drawing for a chance to win fabulous devices. Congratulations to all of our "lucky" prize winners!

Celebrating 2016 Lunar New Year with APCA

APCA Washington Board of Directors wishing all good fortune, health and happiness

Room setup for Lunar New Year luncheon celebration

Congratulations to all of our device winners! What a wonderful and "lucky" way to start the lunar new year!

APCA members, friends and colleagues enjoyed potluck style luncheon with lots of desserts. Thanks everyone for bringing in some really interesting food items to share.

Meet our BINGO and Price is Right "ice breaker" game winners! These folks really know how to mingle with others and are quite knowledgeable shoppers!

We had our largest Lunar New Year attendance to date. It was a great way to celebrate and connect with everyone.

Thank you everyone for making the Lunar New Year luncheon celebration such a memorable one! Best wishes from the APCA Leadership Team

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