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Location, Traffic Reminder & Parking
The MV Skansonia Address


205 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98105

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Account for Traffic


Please arrive at the venue at 5:30 PM or a tad earlier to check in at the registration table.  The event will start promptly at 6 PM so please don't be late.  Seattle traffic on a Friday night going into the Seattle or crossing the bridges can be very congested so please account for the heavy traffic.  Leave early from work.  In order to arrive at 5:30 PM, start heading out at 4:20 PM.  We will take a group photo at the bow of the boat at 6 PM so please don't miss it!



The entrance of the Skansonia is at the intersection of Northlake Way and Latona Avenue.  Refer to the map to see where you can park as outlined in green.  If you arrive early, you can park in the  small parking lot close to the Skansonia.  You can also park in the Dunn Lumber parking lot and street parking in front of Dunn Lumber.  There's also ample street parking on Northlake Way, angle street parking on Latona Avenue and street parking on 4th Avenue.  The street parking between Latona Avenue and 4th Avenue on Northlake Way is a prime area that guest often miss.  

TIP:  After you pass Ivar's Salmon House, look for street parking on the right side after 4th Avenue.  Also, don't park in Ivar's private parking lot as you will be towed.

Arrive early to account for time to find parking and time to walk a block or two to the registration desk to check in. 

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