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Asian-Pacific American Heritage Dinner

To commemorate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, APCA hosted its annual heritage dinner on Saturday, May 21st at Matt's Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge in Redmond, WA. The heritage dinner provided a wonderful opportunity to award scholarships to our 2016 APCA scholars from Washington State. The evening's fundraising proceeds will benefit next year's scholarship fund.

Dana He (APCA National Scholar) and Melanie Chen (APCA Washington State Scholar) were in attendance with their families to personally accept the scholarship awards. Students who were not able to attend the evening events sent in video and audio thank yous to show their appreciation.

The evening's guest were treated to an interactive, fun game of Jeopardy this year. Categories include Food, Famous Asians, Where in the World, Potpourri, Local and Cars. The Jeopardy answers prompt guests to share fun, surprising, often loud response questions as tables compete for the most points.

The APCA leadership team did an amazing job this year executing to a very memorable dinner event. Thank you to all of our guest who supported the heritage dinner!

Heritage Dinner

Beautiful table setting and room arrangements

Brandon Duong, APCA Washington President, pictured with Dana He (APCA National Scholar) and her family

Lai Lau, Brandon Duong and Cheryl McMillen

Dana He (APCA National Scholar) and Melanie Chen (APCA Washington State Scholar)

Dana He gave a humbling thank you speech

Dana He received the APCA National Scholarship Award

Melanie Chen received the APCA Washington State Scholarship Award

Melanie Chen and her family

Kakali Das Bhattacharyya, Brandon Duong and Cheryl McMillen

Dana He with her family

Brandon Duong, Jeffrey Wang (Treasurer) and John Liu (Chapter Vice President)

Carol Tagayun brought in a wonderful cake to celebrate Asian Heritage Month

Guests enjoying their meal

Kakali and Dave with Dana and her family

Guest enjoying their meal

Chapter President pictured with Leonard Eng and Jeffrey Wang

This table did well with winning prizes

Linda Ishii hosted an amazingly fund game of Jeopardy

Linda Ishii and Brandon Duong

John Liu (Chapter Vice President), Lai Lau (National Information Officer) and Dave Nagai (Chapter Communications Officer)

APCA Washington Board of Directors

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