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APCA Sponsors Mahjong Night at Kin-On

APCA was proud to sponsor Mahjong night on August 27th at the Kin-On retirement community again this year. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game played by four people around a square table. The game is played with tiles instead of playing cards. The goal is to be the first player to get a complete hand consisting of four sets of three (e.g. three of a kind and/or straight) and a pair. If one is familiar with poker then the Mahjong game concept is very similiar. Volunteers from the community would join Kin-On's Mahjong night to support and play Mahjong with residents of Kin-On. Mahjong is a cultural game that is part of Kin-On's aging well program. It's a game of memory and strategy benefiting Kin-On residents as they engage with the many visitors that come in to play on Mahjong nights. If you would like to know more about Mahjong or how to participate in the next Mahjong game night, please feel free to contact any APCA board members. Come out and join us next time!

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