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Seattle Dragon Boat Festival 2012

AT&T employees, their friends and family made a big splash at the 2012 Seattle Dragon Boat Festival with two APCA Dragon Boat Teams: APCA Hydro Ninjas and APCA Fire Ninjas. Special thanks go to the two dragon boat captains for leading the two teams. Brandon Duong from Bothell, WA was the team captain for APCA Hydro Ninjas as well as the main APCA event organizer for this year with the establishment of the training portal site, t-shirt design and securing training from the Seattle Flying Dragon Boat Club. George Horsham from Redmond, WA was the team captain for the APCA Fire Ninja Team who stepped up to the plate this year to support a second team. We had two teams and two chances to take on other more established teams head on including the many Starbucks teams, Group Health teams, Team Sugoi, Valley Fighting C Serpents, and WE Paddlers to name a few. Competition was fierce but our preparations this year paid off!

AT&T's APCA Hydro Ninja Team took home the drum trophy for winning the 250M Division B Race and they placed second in the Community Cup Race as silver medalists. The Community Cup race was a nail biting finish but the team dug deep and powered through at the home stretch.

Both teams did an amazing job at the races with record breaking personal best times at the Seattle Dragon Boat Festival so please congratulate them when you see them.

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