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Happy Lunar New Year 2021

Year of the Ox

Highlights from Previous Lunar New Year Celebrations
Although the pandemic has put a damper on many things, it has not put a damper on the fact that Lunar New Year is right around the corner!!!  February 12, 2021 is the day!  It's the Year of the Ox!
To acknowledge and celebrate this special occasion, we thought it would be fun to share what we would bring to our annual potluck if we were to hold one.  We're still not able to meet in big crowds but we can all extend our connection and goodwill by sharing our favorite food items.  Please take a moment to share a favorite food item that you would bring to the potluck with a photo of the dish in the form below!  A recipe with the photo would also be appreciated!
A consolidated view of all submissions will be presented.  Participants will have a chance to win some prizes for the new year!
Participate for a chance to win some prizes!
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