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National Awards Banquet 2018

This year's National Award Banquet was hosted in Seattle, WA for the first time in InspirASIAN's history to celebrate the non-profit's 40th anniversary.  Washington Chapter provided guests with a wonderful Pacific Northwest experience with a dinner event on a historic ferry stationed on Lake Union, breathtaking Seattle Skyline as the backdrop, professional entertainment with taiko and flamenco performances, and an inspiring keynote speech by AT&T's President of Internet of Thing, Chris Penrose, focused on the banquet's theme of "Igniting Possibilities - DARE TO BE".  Washington Chapter planned and executed the banquet beautifully exceeding many of its goals that include a sold-out event and surpassing its fundraising targets.  Thank you everyone for supporting the award and fundraising banquet through your attendance, sponsorship and donations. 

Video Highlights of the Banquet

Opening Taiko Performance

Thank You & Congratulations

Keynote Speaker:  Chris Penrose, AT&T President of Internet of Things

Chris gave an inspiring keynote speech focused on the banquet's theme of "Igniting Possibilities - DARE TO BE".  He shared he took on 17 different jobs before the age of 21 and before joining AT&T.  He was "daring to be" when he was young.  Since then he's been with 20 different jobs in 14 cities within AT&T for last 28 years and has a whole bunch of great experiences to draw from.  He shared his insight on what it takes to DARE TO BE in the framework of DARE.  D is to Dream.  Dreaming is a big foundation of daring.  A is to Act.  Take action and take the initiative as it's the key in daring.  R is for Reflect.  Reflect on what you've accomplish and what you would to do differently.  E is for Experiment.  Start small because sometimes a small step is the thing that would get you going.  DARE is to Dream, Act, Reflect, Experiment - key actions into getting you into daring to be.

InspirASIAN National Presidential:  Shirley Sanz

Shirley gave a welcoming speech commemorating InspirASIAN's 40th anniversary.  She shared progress has been made but reminds everyone that there's more work to be done.  Shirley challenged us to dare to be trail blazers leading the way to remove obstacles for generations to come.  Dare to be disruptors to break the bamboo ceiling.

InspirASIAN Corporate Leadership Award:  Abhi Ingle

This year's InspirASIAN Corporate Leadership Award goes to the amazing Abhi Ingle,  Abhi acknowledged the memories he has and shared how his mom exhibited what it is to "DARE TO BE".  Dare to be a person who makes a difference in every life we touch.  He wants us to think about the next 40 years.  Dare to think about what this organization can be if everyone takes a step ahead.  Abhi challenged us to dare to be the change that you want the world to be.

InspirASIAN Outstanding Member Award:  Jackson Ku

The 2018 InspirASIAN Outstanding Member Award does to Jackson Ku.  Jackson is a former president of InspirASIAN Atlanta Chapter and former InspirASIAN National President.  Jackson shared what it is to step up through his experience with chapter president in how he turned a what seemed like a bad situation into a positive in finding passionate people like him to step into leadership roles.  Jackson challenged us to make a difference and to dare to be extraordinary.

InspirASIAN Community Leadership Award: 
Japanese American Citizens League - Seattle Chapter

It was an honor for InspirASIAN to recognize Japanese American Citizens League - Seattle Chapter with the InspirASIAN Community Leadership Awards.  JACL has been an amazing advocate for causes and interests on behalf of Asian Americans.

InspirASIAN Chapter of the Year Awards

National Membership & Engagement Officer, Bri Thomas, recognized large and small chapter winners.  This year's Large Chapter of the Year Award goes to Northern California Chapter.  The Small Chapter of the Year Award goes to Washington Chapter.  Congratulations on these amazing recognition.

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2018 InspirASIAN National Awards Banquet
DARE TO BE - Impact Award

Washington Chapter

#1 Largest Impact to DARE TO BE


New Jersey Chapter

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Southern California Chapter

3rd Place

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